Ireland is well-known for its pubs. The people of the Emerald isle have a special emotional connection with their pubs. Whether it is a busy & bustling bar in the capital of Dublin or a little enclosed tavern downtown or an old bar with walls that tell hushed stories, Irish pubs are as enjoyable as they come. If you are visiting Ireland and looking for a new place to cast your weary head, here are a few pubs in Dublin that are highly rated. Here you have our list for the 5 best pubs in Ireland in 2021 and where to visit on your next trip!

conor mcgregor pub in Dublin

The Black Forge Inn (163 Drimnagh Road, D12)

Former UFC Welterweight champion Conor McGregor owns this beautiful & luxurious pub. The bar imitates his life & career. It is lively, luxurious, and decorated. Sitting just below the Bentley Room, the Black Forge Inn glistens with class. The pub serves an assortment of meals for breakfast, lunch, & dinner, and they have cocktails, spirits, and beers to blitz up your day. If you go on the right day, you might get the opportunity to meet the man himself, get a picture with his belt on, or even a photo with the UEFA Champions League trophy. The Black Forge Inn is a fresh, nouveau, & enjoyable pub experience.

The Long Hall Irish Pub (51 South Great Georges Street, Dublin City Centre)

When you think of the best pubs in Dublin, then Long Hall pub comes to mind – one of the most storied of all. It is one of the oldest pubs in Ireland and legend says its name came from a chapel dedicated to Saint George in 1181. The Victorian decor alludes to this. The pub came into existence in 1776 & it greets you with old musks & paintings, ornate glass, & handcrafted/polished woodwork.  A wide selection of drinks can be ordered in pints. From the dark & golden pour of Guinness to the Smethwick Red Ale, the long hall serves some fine & tasty drinks. The Long Hall is an authentic setting, busy but not loud, and lined with friendly/efficient staff. 

The Brazen Head (20 Lower Bridge St. Usher’s Quay, Dublin, DO8 WC64)

The argument for the oldest pub in Ireland is always a toss-up between the Brazen Head and Sean’s Bar. The Brazen Head was established in 1198, it is a classic bar that swoons with live music, great atmosphere, buzzy drinks, & good conversations. If the walls could talk, boy will they have so many stories to tell you despite some needed renovation to the building. It prides itself on being one of the best music venues in the whole of Ireland. It is a bubbly pub with great drinks and great food. The atmosphere is one element people cannot get enough of as they will continue telling you how much fun they had at this historical piece of Ireland. 

The Palace Bar of Flint Street (21, Fleet Street, Dublin)

A classic. The Palace Bar is still reigning and glistening in its 200+ years of storied service. It looks like nothing has changed from the Victorian Era in which the pub was born. Listen to old men tell you how they had their first pint at this bar in 1958. You should bask in the glory of this Classique bar. The drinks are cold, the stuff is old, and the experience is gold.

The Stag’s Head (1 Dame Court, Dublin City)

It is a great place to hop into for a nice ol’ pint of Guinness. The Stag’s Head was established circa the 1770s, the exact date is hard to pin down. However, the pub became very popular in 1830 and has maintained that opulence till this day. There’s comedy, music, and merriment. Their food servings are also highly-rated despite the busy nature of the pub. It is a great pub, with delicious beer, served by friendly people. It also helps that there are a lot of Irish historical landmark’s around where you can branch for a quick selfie after a great experience at the pub.