Cannabidiol products have become all the rage in most recent years. For many other reasons than what you might think. There is a big misconception that people use CBD products to experience its psychoactive effects, more commonly referred to as ‘getting high’. CBD products provide a much different effect, though. 

Extracted from the Hemp plant, cannabidiols hold a variety of benefits that can help fight against the symptoms of painful medical illnesses. It has a low THC level, which means that it doesn’t create a psychoactive effect, like its high THC-level counterpart, Marijuana. 

Products made from CBD oil holds many therapeutic qualities for its user without giving the ‘high’ effect. Therefore, many people have started to use it over the years to decrease pain and relieve other symptoms. Many pet owners have started to introduce cannabidiol treats, oils, and capsules into their dogs’ diets to help with symptoms of pain. 

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What Should I Consider When Buying CBD Products for my Dog? 

If you aren’t clued up on what factors to look out for in a CBD product for your dog, then here is a list of all the key factors you have to consider:

THC Levels

It’s extremely important to check the label before buying any Hemp derived products. If it says THC on the label, don’t buy it. Products with a 0.3% THC level is FDA approved and can be sold commercially. Some manufacturers try to completely extract all THC from CBD products to ensure that there aren’t any psychoactive effects. 

This will be the first thing you have to consider. When you buy products from a dispensary online, you can request all laboratory test results to know exactly what is inside the product. 

Kind of Product

Getting your dog digest any kind of medication can be a difficult task. We are sure that you know your dog’s like and dislikes by now. Therefore, you’ll be able to know what kind of method will be best to get them to eat it. The following product options are available:

Tinctures: This is the liquid that can be applied in droplets on your dog’s tongue or mixed in wet food. The oil will be absorbed in the bloodstream and will have an almost immediate relieving effect. 

Treats and Snacks: There are loads of different flavors available by manufacturers. Give your dog the right number of treats that equals to their proper dosage. Your pup will love the treats as they typically taste delicious, you can even use it as a bribe to teach new tricks. 

Some delicious flavors will include peanut butter and coconut. 

Capsules: Capsules are a bit more difficult to get your dog to eat. It can be hidden or mixed in with other food. Many owners hide it inside peanut butter to get their dog to eat it. 

Topical Cream: Apply topical cream to the spot where your dog is experiencing the most pain. Make sure to move all hair out of the way before rubbing it in, in order for the skin to fully absorb it. 

Extraction Methods

CBD oil extraction methods have an impact on the quality of the product. Not all manufacturers use the same extraction methods to remove cannabidiols from the hemp plant. As a rule, cold-press extraction and superficial CO2 extraction are the best methods used by manufacturers. 

Other methods include the adding of harmful byproducts which has an effect on the quality and purity of the oil that’s extracted. To ensure that your pet doesn’t digest any of these harmful byproducts, you have to make sure that the manufacturer uses cold-press or superficial CO2 methods. 

Going Organic

Just like with fruits and vegetables, some CBD oils aren’t organic. This basically means that the hemp plant wasn’t grown organically, it was exposed to pesticides and herbicides throughout the process. Inorganic hemp plants can expose your dog to some of these substances, even though at a low level it can still be harmful in the long run. 

Therefore, look out for the ‘organic’ stamp of approval. 

Treatment for Specific Medical Conditions

Be aware of your dog’s symptoms and what the products can help them with. Most CBD products can treat symptoms of:

  • Epilepsy
  • Cancer
  • Anxiety
  • Acute Pain
  • Seizures
  • Chronic inflammation
  • Autoimmune Disease
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease
  • Arthritis

Read this to learn more about different dog illnesses and breed specific conditions. 

Dosage Amount

Even though there aren’t any harmful side effects from a CBD overdose, it’s best that you are aware of how much your dog should get. As a general rule you have to consider your dog’s breed, size, and weight when determining the dosage. 

For every 5 pounds of dog weight you have to give them a dosage of 0.25 milligrams. Which means if your dog weighs 40 pounds, you will give them a single starting dosage of 2 milligrams. This can increase with the severity of the symptoms, and your pet’s reaction to the medication. 

Is it Safe? 

Pet owners are a bit hesitant to start their dog on Cannabidiol products because they are scared that it will have horrible side effects or harm their health. This couldn’t be further from the truth. All products made from the Hemp plant with a THC level lower than 0.3% is considered a low risk. 

As long as you stick to the recommended dosage, your furry friend will only experience positive effects from these products. To set your mind at ease, even if your dog accidentally devours the entire bag of CBD oil doggy treats, they won’t be at risk. 

Just like with humans, an overdose can have common side effects like diarrhea, dizziness, nausea, dry mouth, and drowsiness. These side effects are much less harmful like some of the damaging side effects from chemically induced prescribed medications. Which can actually cause liver damage and kidney failure. 

It’s important to always consult your veterinarian before introducing any kind of medication in your dog’s diet, but luckily many vets are pro-CBD products because of its low risk.