If you are a foodie, or even if you aren’t, there are some amazing food festivals around the world that you must see. There’s nothing quite like a bunch of happy people stuffing themselves with great food and enjoying themselves. When you’re with them, you can’t help but enjoy yourself as well. There are literally hundreds of different food festivals around the world, but we have just selected five of the top ones. Some of which you already know, but maybe for some you need a good reminder. Here we go.

Oktoberfest, Germany

Germany has one of the biggest annual celebrations called Oktoberfest every October, which will be on its 187th year in 2020. Millions of beer drinkers flock to Munich, a Southern German city for a beer celebration that lasts 16 days. It’s not only German beer by the liter but popular and delicious Bavarian food like giant pretzels, bratwurst, and roasted meat that participants consume with gusto. You may not think of it as a food festival, as the focus is so much on beer, but it most definitely is. There is dancing, amusement rides and time-honored Bavarian folk music. The last time we were there we were amazed at how many incredibly drunk people there were, with no fights whatsoever. We used to laugh and say if this was in Los Angeles it would be Armageddon.

Hawaii Food & Wine Festival

If you want to go for the most exotic, and enjoy the rest of the vacation too, there’s nothing better than Hawaii’s Food & Wine Festival. Hawaii’s tropical weather, one-off culture and yummy cooking are the basic reasons why you should not miss the opportunity to be part of the 2020 HFWF. It’s not just one merrymaking but several revelries within the month of October. No wonder this month is filled with festivities all over the world. What’s in store for the revelers? Wicked food plates and wicked cocktails prepared by a group of culinary geniuses including winemaker’s select vintages. If you heard that all the Hawaiians eat is barbecue and poi, then this food festival will forever fix that misinformation.

Mistura, Lima (Peru)

It’s one of the most awaited cuisine or “gourmet food events” in the whole of Latin America. And it continues to grow as Peru obtains more influence as a principal culinary venue. Watch out for the up-and-coming chefs, musical concerts, food market, and overabundance of food stalls. This festival is where you can enjoy the coffee and cacao in a specially chosen gazebo. Here guests have the chance to socialize with renowned restaurateurs, sous-chefs and food celebrities in Lima. 

Cheese Festival, Trujillo (Peru)

This one is for cheese lovers and it’s also in Peru.  You can partake in over 300 cheese varieties next year in Trujillo. These are sumptuous local and national cheeses that come from the milk of sheep or goats that you can taste. Don’t forget the beer and wine kiosks for the beverage that you can wash down the delicious cheese. Guest nations are welcomed yearly during the celebration which include recent countries among them Portugal, France, Italy, and Holland. You will learn more about cheese from this festival than you can imagine, and once you realize how amazing cheese is, it will change you.

Tokyo Ramen Show, Japan

Tokyo, Tokyo. This Asian city celebrates its yearly Tokyo Ramen Show. You can relish the mouth-watering noodles and broth menu which takes place from late October to early November every year. At least 18 different merchants serve numerous flavors and styles from Japan. Parking is free. In fact, a steaming bowl of ramen is priced below $8.

Aspen Food and Wine Classic, Colorado

This early, organizers are already planning the Food and Wine Classic of Aspen in Colorado State to be held in June 2020. You’ll have the opportunity to rub shoulders with prominent chefs, distinguished winemakers and gourmet authorities. The 2020 festivities will feature three days of cooking demonstrations, wine tasting and related, by wine connoisseurs as well as top-notch chefs. You need to book well in advance for this prestigious event in the Rocky Mountains.

One of these years, we would love to take a year off and just travel the world going from food festival to food festival. I think that would earn us foodie grandmaster status. Really though, that sounds like a perfect year to take off, something you would never get tired of. Well, we have to start small, so I guess for now, visit the ones we can. Hope to see you there one day. Feast and enjoy.