Did you recently jump ship from Windows PC to Mac? Are you still adjusting to the changes in terms of the settings, features, and usability of a Mac computer?

Though you can find online tips and suggestions for a smoother transition to Mac, there will be some tools and features of your Windows PC that you will likely miss. And one of these is the Notepad ++.

Hence, you may be asking “is Notepad ++ available for Mac?”

The Notepad ++ is a text and source code editor that runs in the MS Windows environment. It trumps the traditional Notepad in terms of performance.

And best of all, it is free!

But now that you’re using a Mac, can you still use the Notepad ++ on your new computer? Continue reading below as we answer this pressing question and more.

Is Notepad ++ Available for Mac Users? The Straight-Up Answer

Is Notepad ++ available for Mac computers and Macbooks? Unfortunately, the straight-up answer is “no.” This is because the Notepad ++ is an open-source project that originally caters to the Windows operating system.

Moreover, Notepad ++ is a non-commercial project. It also had one developer behind it (Don Ho), who intended it to work exclusively on Windows computers back in 2003.

It may come with limited features but because it is free, it makes it appealing for users. Moreover, allows you to build extensions and plugins depending on your requirements.

Hence, it is no surprise for users who moved from Windows to macOS to ask if there’s a Notepad++ for Mac devices. Though there may be no exact native Notepad ++ for your Mac, it doesn’t mean all hope is gone.

Some alternatives and workarounds will help you enjoy the benefits of the Notepad ++.

Using a Virtual Machine

The first workaround worth considering is installing a virtual machine. This a good option especially if you’re after stability with minimal bugs. What a virtual machine does is it allows you to run a Windows environment on your Mac computer or Macbook.

Since the environment is full-scale, it means you can install and use any software that you want. And this includes software that you can only use on Windows PC like Notepad ++.

Thankfully, there are many virtual machines to choose from. However, there are a few that stand out in terms of reliability. One of which is VMware Fusion.

To install this virtual machine, you must first have an official copy of the Windows version you wish to use. Make sure it includes all the license keys.

Thereafter, download VMware Fusion and install it on your Mac computer. Drag and drop the ISO onto the “Installation Method” window.

Also, you want to tick the “Use Easy Install” option in the window. Next, you need to fill out the Windows license credentials. As soon as you input your credentials, you can save your virtual machine and use the Windows environment on your Mac.

The only thing that’s left is to download and run the Notepad ++ using the Windows environment window.

Via an Emulator

If downloading the VMware Fusion does not suit you, you can still run the Notepad ++ using an emulator program. An emulator works by creating a compatibility layer between your Mac and the Windows OS. In turn, you can load any type of Windows software on your Mac.

As for the type of emulator, Wine is one of the most stable options out there. Visit Wine’s official website and download the Wine package. Unzip the archive and open “Terminal.”

From there, type “winecfg”. This allows you to create a C drive where you will place your Notepad ++ later on. Next, go to the GitHub repository and download Notepad ++.

Move the program in the C drive you created. Go back to “Terminal” and open the C drive directory. There, type “wine” then the file name to install the .exe file.

After installation, you can launch the Notepad ++ by typing “wine [file name]” in the Terminal.

Alternatives to the Notepad ++

Interestingly, you don’t need to emulate a copy of the Notepad ++ to enjoy its features on your Mac. There are many alternatives to the program that are worthy substitutes.

If you want something simple and straightforward, the Atom Text Editor is one of your best bets. It comes with a combination of colorful interface and syntax themes that add to its appeal.

And like the Notepad ++, the Atom software is free to download.

Are you creating or managing a website? Do you work heavily on texts and shell scripts? Do you often need to extract data?

Then the BBEdit is the software for you. It comes with features that will help you develop sites, manipulate textual data, and handle different kinds of files.

But if you’re more into graphics and advanced coding, you need to download SlickEdit. This award-winning software is perfect for developers who want a plethora of tools and editing features that are more advanced than others.

However, you need to pay a one-time fee to enjoy all of its features.

If security is what you’re after, UltraEdit is a good option to consider. This source code editor offers security credentials on top of its unique themes and editing modes.

Downloading the free version gives you access to standard web development, file comparison, system administration, and text editing features.

Last but not least is Sublime Text, which is one of the most trusted text editors for Mac users. It comes with features that are head and shoulders above what other Notepad ++ alternatives offer.

Some of these features include a powerful API; multiple selections; remarkable customizability, and syntax highlighting and folding.

Additionally, Sublime Text is cross-platform. This means you can use it on your Mac, Windows PC, or Linux computers.

Unleash the Potential of Your Mac

Now that you know the answer to the question “Is Notepad ++ available for Mac?” You can emulate the Notepad ++ or download any of its worthy alternatives. But if you want to maximize the power of your Mac computer, there are many other things to learn.

Check out our other articles where we discuss Macbooks and Mac computers. We also discuss topics that will help unleash your Mac’s full potential.