A casino night is a great way to have fun with your friends, and they aren’t as difficult to put on as you may think. To anyone who enjoys playing online at https://www.australianonlinecasinosites.com/online-pokies/ or any other casino, they will love playing the real thing surrounded by friends. If you are going to put on a cool, high roller casino night for your friends or family, party food should be your go-to option. Nobody wants to have a sit-down meal when there is money to be won, and here are some buffet-style ideas to consider preparing. 

Mozzarella Sticks

These tasty cheese sticks are easy to prepare, can be heated in no time at all, and will go down very well among guests. After slicing up some sticks of mozzarella, dip them into an egg wash and then some panko and let them rest on some kitchen paper. When the time comes to cook the sticks, you can either deep fry them or place them in the oven or air fryer until crisp on the outside and gooey in the middle. Serve with fresh tomato salsa. 

Get The Wings On 

Chicken wings are the perfect snack for this kind of event. Not only are they easy to prepare, but they are also delicious hot or cold. This means that you can throw them into the oven, plate them up and they can sit there for a couple of hours without you needing to do anything else. Another benefit of doing wings is that you can prepare a number of sauces that your guests can enjoy, depending on their preferences. 

Sandwich Station 

Putting some sandwiches or baguette cuts onto the table for the buffet is going to be a good idea, but how do you decide what fillings to do? Some like tuna mayo, others prefer ham and cheese and some may prefer egg and cress. The issue is that if you prepare the sandwiches ahead of time, you end up with soggy bread, not too appealing. The best course of action is to make the fillings and add them to bowls, then cut up the bread and let people pick the filling of their choice. This will keep the bread fresh and the faces smiling.

One Pot Main 

Not everyone loves a cold buffet, yet keeping several items hot through the night is tricky. This is why you should aim to, alongside the cold dishes, have at least one meal that will be hot all night. Our go-to here is a chili con carne, a simple, one-pot dish that you can put in the slow cooker and that will keep warm all night long. This is a dish that most people love, it is easy and low-cost to prepare and won’t cause you problems in terms of keeping it warm. 

These are just some ideas that you can look to use when you host an exciting casino night for the gang.