If you are a foodie who loves to travel and eat, and to be honest we don’t know any foodies that don’t love to travel and eat, have we got some cities for you. Almost every city in the world has its gourmet food, and wonderful places to, but some cities stand out more than others. If you’re going to start traveling, and you are a foodie, then these are probably some of the first picks that you need to go to.

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Love Asian? Then, Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam is the place to go. A lot of travelers call it the “Queen of Asian Street Food”. Imagine a great afternoon in Ho Chi Minh while sitting on a plastic stool on the walkway devouring a hot bowl of Pho Hoa (noodle soup) while viewing people come and go. Of course, you’ll have other choices but Vietnam is famous for steaming noodles, regarded as among the world’s most desired comfort foods. Don’t miss the Banh Mi sandwich, Bun Cha sizzling pork strips and succulent patties, Bahn Beo, delightful rice cakes with toppings of shrimps, scallions and pork cracklings.

Barcelona, Spain

There’s a saying that goes, “Food always comes first in Barcelona.” This capital city of Spain’s Catalonia Region is well-known for classic Spanish favorites such as paella and tapas. Don’t forget to include some dessert in your wish list and ask for Crema Catalana which is their own version of Crème Brulee. There’s more to crave at Barcelona’s Michelin star restaurants and beachside eateries. Patatas Bravas (crispy potato wedges, Jamon Iberico (Iberian ham) and seafood paella will surely make your mouth water.

Tel Aviv, Israel

For vegans, Tel Aviv is the place to be. Vegan fare has always been an important part of its culinary custom. This is the reason why the city on the Mediterranean Coast of Israel has been a preferred destination for paramours of plant-based dishes. Enjoy the aromatic vegan coffee (yes vegan coffee, if you are vegan you know about this) along with animal-free pizzas in local pizza chains. While there are many upscale diners, appetizing budget foods are guaranteed show-stealers. The Hummus (dip made from cooked and mashed chickpeas), Falafel (deep-fried patty) and Shakshouka (egg dish poached in tomato sauce), and the very popular Shawarma.

Tokyo, Japan

Japan’s bustling capital city is considered unequalled in terms of culinary expertise. Food has its place in the very fabric of Tokyo from the tuna sales at dawn, to the vibrant confectionaries in Harajuku shopping neighborhood. Tourists from every part of the world will certainly look for Sashimi, Yakitori grilled chicken skewers, Ramen noodles, Udon, Soba, and Tempura plus the Japanese rice wine, Sake. Reasonably priced dishes can be found at all price ranges whether you dine mom and pop ramen joints, elegant restaurants or cheap venues.

Rome, Italy 

Rome, another food mecca, is renowned for mouth-watering Pizzas, Gelato (frozen dessert) and Pasta. Traditional Roman gastronomy makes use of old-school but garden-fresh, crisp and seasonal ingredients. Want to find out why this majestic city always makes it to the Top 10 List of foodie cities every year. It’s obvious! The lusciousness doesn’t seem to end. Never leave Rome without trying the Spaghetti Alla Carbonara or Cacio e Pepe in any local Trattoria or Ristorante and have a glass of two of Italian wine. Them, off to some sightseeing before the next meal. If you haven’t eaten in Rome, then you haven’t lived, and you are still an apprentice foodie traveler.

Truly, there is so much wonderful food around the world it boggles the mind. Just like the amount of food that you can taste and try in your own home location, there are vast amounts of cultural and ethnic foods in those foreign ports as well. You could spend a month in Italy and try something new every day and live in foodie heaven. We find that just learning about the food is almost as exciting as tasting it. I’m getting hungry at the thought. Eat, travel, and enjoy.