Every day we work a little harder to provide ourselves and our loved ones with a better life. Quality of life is something that we all are striving for these days, facilities, amenities, healthy food, good environment, recreational activities, entertainment and so forth; all of these things collectively ensure good quality of life. But what if I tell you that having all the facilities of the world stand meaningless and useless if you do not have this one very basic thing. Wondering what it is? Having good health is the most crucial necessity of your life, maintaining your health should be your foremost priority, putting your health before your work, your hangout plans, and your food cravings is never a bad idea.

The most critical role in our health is played by the food we eat. There is a very famous proverb that goes like ”you are what you eat” and it has always motivated me to eat good and healthy food. When I say eat healthy food I am not asking you to start eating boiled vegetables or completely cut on fat or do not eat your favourite beef steak. But start the process slowly, the preferred way to pave your way towards healthy food is to quit sugar. Sugar is not only harmful to diabetic patients but it is equally dangerous for a healthy person if taken in an excessive proportion, sugar does not only weaken your immune system but it is also said to be a major cause of many psychological issues like anxiety and depression, excessive intake of sugar can trigger skin diseases as well like acne, on a whole sugar is something that should be avoided at every possible point, but the million-dollar question is how can it be done, how to quit sugar? We are here for the rescue, we will tell you about how to cut your daily sugar intake and some better alternatives for your sweet cravings.

Set your sugar consumption target:

Excessive amount of sugar is always a bad idea, once you are adamant to quit sugar from your life the first step you should take is to carve out a plan for recommended sugar intake you can have in a day with the help of your nutritionist or some self-research. If I will ask you to cut down your sugar intake completely to point zero, that will be unfair, you cannot kill your sweet cravings but you can control them with the help of healthy sugar alternatives.

Portion control:

Portion control technique is highly effective when you are on dieting, but the same technique can do wonders in cutting off your sugar intake, take half spoon of sugar with your tea if you take one or take one spoon sugar with your cereal if you take two spoons daily, in this way you will be able to balance your sugar intake to a moderate level without cutting it off completely from your life.

Consume fruit sugar:

Wondering while cutting off sugar intake why we are not asking you to avoid fruits? Because of the fact that fruit sugar (Fructose) is a natural source of sugar and while eating fruits, a controlled amount of Fructose enters your body that is not harmful when we eat an orange. We are not only consuming fructose, but there are also dietary fibres, vitamins, and minerals that are going in our body, if we compare this to the amount of sugar that hits our liver when we consume a chocolate bar or soda can it is 10 times double the amount, which adversely affects our body.

Use honey:

Honey is the healthiest option in natural sweeteners, it contains a very minimum amount of fructose and has amazing detoxifying and anti-inflammatory properties that help you in achieving and maintaining good health. The most amazing thing about honey is, it is very easy to use and gives a very natural and subtle taste to your food making it the best option out of all sugar alternatives.

Say no to processed food and soda cans:

Nothing in this world can destroy your health as processed food and sodas can, they intoxicate your body with an excessive amount of sugar and salt that is suicide for your healthy body. I won’t ask you to go for any alternatives for these two, just straight away cut them off from your life and you will have achieved a milestone towards your dream already.

Always read out the Nutrition Facts label:

Whenever you are buying any product always read the label that tells about the amount and variety of nutrition the product contains. It will help you to keep a check on whether you have consumed the prescribed amount of sugar or not.

Asking someone who has a sweet tooth to quit sugar completely is in-justice, but controlling it slowly and gradually with the help of healthy alternatives is something you can do, once you will start consuming lesser amount of sugar, your cravings will be tamed by themselves, in case of some extreme craving we would suggest you drink lots of water and eat fruits, add honey to your shakes, cereals and smoothies. When you will start working on the action plan you will notice a lot of improvements in your body, sleeping patterns, anxiety, and mood, but to achieve all of these milestones of good health persistence is the key, stick to the grind and cut your sugar intake for a healthy life.