You’re heading downstairs to do some wash, and find your water heater leaving a puddle on the floor. Don’t panic! It’s just time for a new water heater.

What steps do you need to follow to install a new one? It’s an easy process if you pay attention! Read on to learn how to install a water heater!

Drain the Old

Before you really get going, you’ll want to start draining your old heater. You can hook a garden hose up to the drainage valve for the best results. It takes a while, so instead of waiting, start the drain and move onto something else.

Remember, you can always check with plumbers if you don’t feel comfortable with the process. Places like Ben Franklin Plumbing know this process like the back of their hand! They will gladly take the task off your hands.

Off With the Gas and the Flue

While the drain is happening, turn the gas off at both the control module and the valve. You’ll want to turn the handle a quarter turn, leaving the handle parallel to the line. Remember, there’s still gas inside the line, so keep the valve closed!

The flue should come off fairly easy, just removing the screws holding it to the draft hood. It should be reusable as long as there’s no rust or corrosion on the flue. Be mindful of the joints, as they may be stiff after sitting for years.

Disconnect the Gas Line

When you unscrew the line, do it slowly so you can listen for the telltale hiss of escaping gas. If you hear this, tighten it back up and check the gas lines and make sure they’re off. You just need to be careful and pay attention.

When disconnecting the line, you need to find what’s known as the union. You can find it between the main valve and the water heater. This is a bit complicated, as you need two wrenches to “break” the union.

Use a pipe wrench on the big nut, pulling left to right, and a regular wrench on the smaller one, pulling right to left. It may sound awkward, but in practice it’s simple. Once the union is disconnected, you can take the rest of the gas line off to be reused if needed.

Cutting the Copper Loose

You’ll want a copper tubing cutter to cut the water lines. You don’t want to go too fast, or you’ll deform the tubing. Cutting the hot water side is easy, so don’t worry too much about where you cut, but on the cold water side, you’ll want to consider if you want a new shut off valve or not.

Swapping the Old for the New

Now you can yank the old heater out, and slot the new one in its place. Now it’s really as simple as reversing the whole process. It should be a smooth process, allowing you to check for any leaks as you fill the tank back up, then finally relighting the pilot light.

That Is How to Install a Hot Water Heater

When learning how to install a water heater, be mindful of the gas and take whatever precautions you need. As long as you pay attention to your environment and follow the steps above, the installation of the new heater will be a breeze.

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