Pearls are an elegant addition to any jewelry box. Pearls are gemstones with high luster and come in different shades of white, yellow, pink, and blue. They were historically worn by royals and the societies’ elite, but now, they’ve become a timeless trend in the fashion industry. There are many different types of pearl necklaces to choose from, from layered pearl necklaces to single-strand pearls. So, which are the best ways to wear pearls? Here are some ways to style your pearls this 2023:

  1. Go for Glamour

For a glamorous look, you can wear a necklace with a large pearl as a pendant and match it with a cocktail dress, or a formal dress. The pearl necklace will make a statement, showing a stylish but bringing out that serious glamour look. You can also add large drop pearl earrings to add to the glam.

  1. Layer Your Pearls

Layering a string of pearls of different lengths brings out a dramatic effect. Alternatively, you can buy layered pearl necklaces to save you the trouble of having to find different pearl necklaces to layer yourself. Layering is a fantastic way of complementing outfits and bringing a unique look. Ensure your pearl necklaces have similar tones and matching pearl shades. Keep in mind that too many layers can also result in an undesired effect.

  1. Wear Baroque Pearls

Popularly known as “Grandma’s Sunday best,” baroque pearls can be a bit old-fashioned for some people. Others might see it as being too much over the top and can’t wear them on a daily basis. However, the vintage royal look can be a great way to blend in our modern chaotic lifestyle with the old modest look. Baroque pearls maintain the distinctiveness of the pearls with a blend of modern designer fashion.

  1. Mix With Other Jewelry

Pearls are timeless gems that have been a trend for decades. However, don’t be afraid to mix them up with other jewelry, like a gold chain. Mixing and matching gold chains with pearls is a great way to style and even layer your pearls. Pearls are versatile and can easily blend with gold. This combo will help you achieve a more casual, trendy look. The glossy finish and the bright yellow gold complement each other perfectly, try it out!

  1. Keep it Simple

Pearls always make a statement, no matter how you wear them. Their simplicity is among the things that make them special. Even a single strand of pearl necklace can elevate any outfit. Pick a dress that isn’t overly flowered or patterned to prevent clashing with your pearls. Any simple outfit can be elevated with a single pearl.

  1. Wear Dark Colors

Choose outfits with dark colors, especially when wearing white pearls. Brightly colored clothes distract people from the simplicity and classiness of white pearls. However, a black outfit with a statement pearl necklace will give you an instant upgrade.

Final Thoughts

So, what’s the key to take away? Pearls are perfect to wear for any occasion. You can throw away the rule book and wear them in your own unique way. You can wear your pearls to achieve a formal look or casual look. Explore and blend this timeless piece with your personal style. The versatility of pearls allows you to play around and create many different looks!