A private boat charter is a great way to enjoy natural beauty while experiencing luxury. From whale watching excursions to fine dining cruises, there are many ways to get out on the water. If you’re planning your next trip on a birthday boat charter San Diego, you’ll need to think about what to wear. Here are some tips for planning your boat charter attire.

Clothing Options

The type of clothing you’ll want to wear on a birthday boat charter San Diego will vary based on the activities you’re planning while aboard. Heading out on a daytime whale watching excursion in the San Diego Bay? Light fabrics such as linen are a popular choice for keeping dry and cool while on deck. Nautical patterns are an appropriate pick, featuring navy and white stripes or ocean-inspired textures. On the practical side, a water-resistant jacket or windbreaker will keep you dry while you take in the sights. Popular brands for boating attire include Nautica, Tommy Hilfiger, The Nautical Company and J Crew.

If your crew will be celebrating a special occasion with private dining san diego ca while you’re sailing, consider stepping up your outfit for the evening. Cocktail attire in breathable fabrics could include a dress with a wrap to keep the breeze at bay. Men may want to sport a blazer with chinos for a more casual look, or pull out all the stops by wearing a suit for a luxurious evening.


In addition to picking the right clothes, you’ll want to make sure you have a few accessories on hand for san diego boat charters. Be sure to pack a pair of polarized sunglasses with UV protection if you’ll be heading out during the day. Rays can be particularly bright on clear days, with additional reflection off the water. Add a hat to your ensemble to keep the sun out of your eyes and protect the top of your head from sunburn. A light scarf around your neck prevents sun damage while shielding you from ocean breezes. Pack everything into a soft-sided bag for a day trip or evening outing. You’ll want something that can accommodate all your accessories and a light jacket, without taking up too much room on board.

Boat Shoes

The best footwear for a boating adventure is comfortable and on style. Look for shoes that have light-colored soles. Black soles can leave marks on the deck of the boat. Soft-soled styles are ideal, as they are less likely to cause damage to the deck and will keep you comfortable throughout the day. Brands like Sperry are perennially popular for their iconic boat shoe styles. The best boat shoes will give you some grip against the deck, preventing slips and falls while you’re out on the water. Ask your charter provider in advance if they have any guidelines for what type of footwear they recommend. Some yachts might have a no-shoes policy for guests while they’re on board, while others might recommend a specific type of shoes.

With comfortable clothing, practical accessories and the right shoes, you’ll be ready to enjoy the scenery and the natural beauty of a birthday boat charter San Diego.