Our teeth are one of our most vital structures in the body that once lost, do not regenerate on their own. Therefore their care is necessary. A dental visit every six months is recommended, but we tend to be so lazy sometimes that we avoid our appointments unless a problem outbreaks. Those days are long gone when dentists only focused on treating diseases. Now they are also concerned with the prevention of those diseases. Sure dental appointments can be a bit expensive and hectic, but they can cost you double if you keep on neglecting the dentist until your toothaches. We have listed down a few reasons why visiting the dentist is important

Early Detection

When you visit a dentist, he examines not only your mouth but neck and face as well. He looks for any abnormalities, swellings, patches, malformation, and redness, etc. Which can be early signs of cancers or malignant tumors. It is better to get diagnosed and treated early and save your life. Apart from looking for any deadly symptoms, dentists also examine your teeth and look for signs of cavities. He examines your gum to look for any sign of gingivitis or any other gum disease.

Orthodontic problems

If you or your children have misaligned teeth, you people need orthodontic treatment. The ideal age for placement of braces in children is 11 to 14 years old when they are in their teens. The reason teen braces work better than adult braces is because the face and mouth are still growing and the probability of the teeth getting aligned is much higher and easier. Braces are also placed in adults but take much longer to be effective.

Tartar and plaque

Even though you are regular with your brushing and flossing. There still are many areas in the mouth where the toothbrush cannot reach, and cleaning becomes difficult. Plaque starts to accumulate in these areas, the more it builds up, the harder it gets to remove it. Eventually, it solidifies and becomes tartar to get rid of it you would require professional help. It is better to get your scaling done regularly and prevent the tartar plaque from eroding your teeth and causing cavities. It would cost you a lot higher to get fillings done for your cavities in comparison to having your scaling done regularly.


Once tartar builds up, it not only decays the teeth but also erodes our gums. The early signs of gum disease are bleeding while brushing, change in color of gums, etc. you need to visit your dentist regularly if you want to avoid gingivitis. When the disease spreads, it not only breaks down the gum tissues but also damages the bone a lot and can lead to periodontitis. Complex treatment is required after the disease has spread; sometimes, even surgery is planned. It can be very heavy on your pocket if you do not get it treated in its initial stages.

Hidden problems

X-rays are done every six months to check for any hidden problems beneath the surface of the tooth. Usually, a dentist can spot impacted or decayed teeth as well, especially 3rd molars. Moreover, any hidden infection in the bone or tooth can be detected. Hidden swellings, signs of bone decays, and cysts can also be seen with an x-ray and not with naked eyes. These problems if caught early on X-rays, can be treated easily and that is only possible if you get a routine dental checkup done every six months. If you ignore these problems, in the beginning, they can be not only costly later but also be life-threatening.

Teeth whitening

The perfect smile has gotten much popular recently. Everyone wants to look confident and aesthetically pleasing. Although they are many myths surrounding them being safe and legal. Only a dentist can defy or recommend teeth whitening legally. If you want that picture-perfect smile and need to be clear about all the technicalities you need to visit your dentist for the professional and legal treatments available.

The best adviser

We tend to get often confused about a certain thing and start surfing the internet for solutions. Even though the internet has a vast pool of information, most of it is not uploaded, by experts and is wrong. From choosing the right brush to telling you the right brushing technique, a dentist knows it all. He can advise you much professionally about any of your dental ambiguities. Moreover, preventive dentistry has gained major importance over the years your dentist would recommend you things to prevent disease in their early stages or even before onset. Which can save you a lot of time money and stress

In conclusion

Regular dental visits are important to keep to your teeth and gums healthy. A dentist can save a lot of your money by preventing diseases and the rest in its initial stages. If you want that perfect Hollywood smile with bright white teeth, only a dentist can help you achieve your desired look. Unhealthy mouth or gums can negatively affect the overall health of the body leading to more chronic problems. Regular visits can save you from unnecessary stress later on in life.