Freestanding baths have the ability to add a sense of luxury to any bathroom and give individuals the perfect place to soak after a long day. If you have made the decision to install a freestanding bath then it is important that you are first aware of the many factors to take into consideration, regarding the purchase and the installation of the tub.

There is no doubt that a bath can transform the look of a bathroom, but getting the choice right is essential. Before you go seeking the perfect tub for your relaxing baths, here is what you should be thinking about.

Space Availability

The reason why most people do not have freestanding baths in their home, is that they simply don’t have enough space. Even those with ample space in the bathroom, struggle to find the right place for the tub to go. There is a wide range of freestanding tubs which will occupy varying amounts of space, and the choice will come down to exactly how much space you will have to play with. Consider not only the space that the tub will occupy; but also the space you will need to access the tub.

Installing Freestanding Baths

Whilst it is true that these baths are much easier to install than a drop-in or a corner tub, there are still some challenges that a freestanding tub presents regarding installation. For example, freestanding baths are usually larger and more cumbersome, making getting into the bathroom tricky. Consider the space and accessibility you have regarding stairs and hallways in the home before buying. Additionally, think about where your plumbing is in the bathroom, as most freestanding tubs require plumbing directly below the floorboards.

Floor Strength

The weight of these baths is one of the most overlooked factors, yet it is one of the most critical. When compared with other options, there is no doubt that a freestanding tub is significantly heavier. The last thing anyone needs is their lovely new tub coming through the ceiling, which is why checking floor strength and tub weight is essential.

Design Options

There are a wide range of design choices when it comes to freestanding baths, from luxurious and contemporary, to a more traditional or even a minimalist style tub. Choosing your design will come down to the budget, the overall theme of your bathroom and what you are looking for in a tub.


Baths are created using a variety of materials. This is another area which you are going to have to explore before you buy. Material choices such as acrylic, cast iron and steel vary wildly in terms of benefits & detractors. For example, whilst cast iron may be more durable and offer great longevity, its weight may cause an issue. Alternatively acrylic is lighter and affordable, yet it can be prone to scratches and chips, offering less in the way of durability.

These are just some of the factors which you should be thinking about, before you go hunting for a freestanding tub for your bathroom.