Quite a few decades have passed since Aretha and Annie Lennox teamed up for “Sisters are doing it for themselves”, that catchy anthem for sisterhood. More and more women are opting to travel on their own terms by travelling solo.

Wherever you choose to go, whether talking to wolves in northern Norway or exploring Patagonia by horseback, there’s an app that covers just about everything in our connected world these days.

This post briefly introduces you to 5 apps that will make your globe-trotting easier and hopefully save you some money. The first two apps will help you find like-minded nomads out there while the last three are more practical with great features to help you get around.

1. Nomadher

With English, Korean and French, Nomadher provides a women-friendly space for women solo travellers to hook up, hang out and support each other. With both a Apple and Android version, this app organises meet-up, has more than 15 000 members across 170 nationalities.

There’s an active and updated blog loaded with information on safety and tips for many countries, some pretty remote and out of the way. It’s pretty easy on the eye as well with a clean layout and an easy to use interface.

Thousands of women travellers swear by it.

2. Travelgirls

This app is aimed at a younger travel age-group, specifically aimed at assisting users to find like-minded travel buddies.

Travelgirls allows you to look up member profiles, make friends and create trips to destinations of your choice. This is a good choice for the young, who are not quite ready to go globe-trotting on their own.

Now that you’ve found fellow women travellers who are like minded, let’s turn to some apps aimed at making you trip as hassle-free as possible.

3. Hopper

This hard-working app is great for comparing prices and looking for the best deal on accommodation, flights, and rental options to get around. Hopper will find the lowest price and it even allows you to freeze a price when you come across a good deal.

Hopper is free and is very good at predicting whether flight prices are rising or dropping. A good all-rounder.

4. Redzone

With its self-explanatory moniker, Redzone uses crime-stats to flag high crime areas. But more than that, this app helps you navigate new cities just like a GPS system. It alerts you to traffic congestion and puts out safety advisories.

5. Expedia

Finally, the grand-mother app from the large travel company, Expedia. This app offers a complete travel planning service to not only make bookings, but it also presses your “things to do” buttons. It will alert you to flight delays or boarding changes plus there is a good loyalty programme with points when you book and if you use the app to book, you earn double points.

Like an online casino welcome bonus, there are literally hundreds of travel apps to choose from in 2022. You just need to find the one that suits your needs the best.

Go make some memories and happy wandering.