Just like every one of us have clothes that suit us, food also has an atmosphere and tableware to match each dish.

This is especially true for tablemats, which vary vastly according to the materials they use. Tablemats made of fabric can create a natural atmosphere, and can also double as paper towels to wipe off your table. But these tablemats quickly become dirty.

Leather tablemats can reduce noise caused by friction when placed on the table, but cleaning them is not easy.

As we can see, the materials make all the difference for tablemats, and that’s why it’s so important to choose the right type of tablemat for our table. But a recent Indiegogo tablemat is a real game changer.

Vernox’s stainless steel tablemats are here to transform your kitchen to a luxurious restaurant.

Most tablemats use waterproof materials such as silicone or PVC. But these tablemats easily slide across the table when food is served on them, and they easily become dirty.

So what makes stainless steel tablemats so different from other tablemats? The design aspect is especially key here. The metallic texture and color of the stainless steel will help create an atmosphere of luxury.

It’s also worth pointing out how great the stainless steel is at prevent food stains on the tablemats. And when your tablemat does get stained, just rinse it with water to clean.

What’s also great about these tablemats is that you can put hot pots and plates directly on top of them. The stainless teel material is resistant to high temperatures, so hot pots won’t ruin their shape in any way.

The special coating technology (PVD+NCC) also lets you place food right on top of the tablemat without having to worry about mold or germs.

Vernox tablemats also come with a smooth finish, so you want have to worry about cutting your finger on the smooth sides.

Vernox tablemats come in 2 different colors – gold and silver. With their curved, oval-shaped design, these tablemats are not only functional, but stylish, too.

You can check out the Vernox Tablemat on Indiegogo now.