Are you interested in renovating your unfinished basement? Would you like to know about the best Toronto basement renovation ideas? If the answer to these questions is yes, then you are at the right site. The average cost for basement renovation falls between $2,800 and $34,000 whereas its return on investment is approximately 75%. So that means a renovated basement is not just ideal for pleasing visitors, but it also increases your home’s value. Potential home buyers are more willing to buy a home having a wonderful basement design. So, why not adopt the most creative basement renovation ideas? Here you go! 

1. Have two living rooms

Why have a single living room when there is a space for two? Basement remodelling can provide you the opportunity to enjoy two living rooms. One place will allow you to sit  together with your family and watch movies. Whereas the other comfy living room will be the best to relax yourself. Isn’t it superb? 

2. Create a bedroom 

Does your elder child need privacy instead of sharing a bedroom with his younger sibling? If yes, then creating a bedroom in the basement will be a good opportunity for your child’s comfort and privacy. Just make sure there is sufficient space for a bathroom. 

3. Create a home gym

Want to add a gym in your home? Why not add it in the basement? Scrutinize the basement space to add your desired workout stations. Here you can use different floor types like wood floors, carpet, or rubber mats based on the type of gym equipment you want to place. 

4. Add a home theater 

What’s better than adding a home theater in your basement? Most of the basements have no or a few windows, making darkness a perfect place for a movie theater. Lift the floor for adding rows of armchairs, invest in a large TV screen, a projector, soft lighting, and recessed fixtures. 

5. Create kid’s play area

Provide a cool play area to your kids and let them enjoy their leisure time. Believe me the best place to create a playroom is your basement. Let your little ones have fun in the basement. All you need to do is to add a slide, a swing, and a few built-in shelves where you can place toys for your kids. 

6. Go for a basement bar

Another best basement idea is including a bar with a variety of wines. Don’t forget to ask your family members about their favourite wine brand so that you can amaze them. Make sure you include an emergency exit to help you out in case of fire. 

7. Basement storage is a must

Milton basement renovation will be incomplete if you do not add a basement storage. Here you can benefit from storage cabinets and floating shelves to keep books or to showcase decor. You may need to keep furniture and other things in the store, so don’t forget to add extra storage space when planning for basement renovation.