DOUBO has launched its Kickstarter campaign to introduce the world to its two-shot layered blending technology. Designed with state-of-the-art technology by LG Labs, this coffee machine boasts simultaneous 2-capsule extraction, paving the way for an infinite variety of blending coffee recipes. With a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics, the DUOBO sets a new standard in the coffee industry, embracing the art of coffee-making like never before.

Two-shot Layered Blending Technology

The DUOBO Coffee Machine introduces an unparalleled feature: simultaneous 2-capsule extraction. This groundbreaking technology allows coffee enthusiasts to combine two different capsules in a single brew, unlocking a world of delightful possibilities. Whether you seek a harmonious fusion of flavors or an exciting contrast of taste profiles, the DUOBO empowers you to create your signature coffee blend like a true maestro.

HD Display: Another Visual Entertainment

Experience visual entertainment like never before with the DUOBO’s high-definition display. As you brew your coffee, the intuitive screen provides an immersive coffee-making experience, showcasing visual contents. The HD display turns every coffee ritual into a captivating performance.

Smart App Control for Ultimate Convenience

In the era of smart technology, the DUOBO Coffee Machine integrates seamlessly with your lifestyle through its intuitive mobile app. Take control of your coffee-making process from the palm of your hand. By using the app, you can reserve when to initiate the coffee extraction whenever it is wanted. Opening the capsule tray and adjusting the height of the legs are other convenient and enjoyable features. 

Unmatched Compatibility with Original Capsules

The DUOBO Coffee Machine embraces the diversity of the coffee world by offering compatibility with all original capsules. Whether you prefer the smoothness of Arabica, the intensity of Robusta, or the exotic notes of specialty blends, the DUOBO caters to every palate. It empowers you to explore a vast selection of capsules from renowned coffee brands, bringing the world’s finest coffees to your home.

Spaceship Look-alike Design

Beyond its cutting-edge technology, the DUOBO Coffee Machine captivates with its sleek and sophisticated design. The spaceship look-alike design reminds of APOLLO 11 that landed on the moon in 1969. This special coffee machine adds a touch of uniqueness to any kitchen countertop. 


The DUOBO Coffee Machine campaign is now live on Kickstarter, offering early supporters an exclusive opportunity to join the coffee revolution. By backing this project, you will not only secure your place among the first to own the DUOBO but also become part of a passionate community that values innovation, quality, and the art of coffee craftsmanship.