Until now, it was difficult to cook crispy grilled dishes without a grill pan on IH (Induction Heating) electric ranges such as highlights and hot plates. This is because general stainless steel pan for induction does not heat quickly due to its low thermal conductivity

Stainless steel cookware is easy to clean and store and has many other advantages, but it is easy to fail if you cook without preheating it completely. Sometimes the food sticks to the bottom of the pan, or the outside of the food burns without being thoroughly cooked.

If the thermal conductivity of the existing stainless steel pan can be improved to quickly heat the entire pan, these difficulties will be solved. ‘Iron Core’, a metal pan with new material will reduce the hassle of cooking with fast heat distribution.

 Iron Core, a cookware made of new material with 200% higher thermal conductivity.

The Arc Clad of Iron Core is a patented 5-ply new material that combines stainless steel and iron. By inserting iron with high thermal conductivity between stainless steel that is resistant to corrosion, Iron Core’s Arc Clad has advantages of both iron and stainless steel. The Arc Clad of Iron Core has improved thermal conductivity by 200% compared to the existing stainless pan. As a result, the time for preheating the pan which used to take more than 5 minutes has been shortened to less than a minute, and you can cook perfectly without worrying about food sticking on the bottom of the pan with a well-heated pan.

A cookware with high-purity All-Ferrite iron inserted between 5-ply stainless steel has never been designed before. The iron inside the clad transmits strong heat in a short time, so when you grill fish, it becomes crispy, and when you grill meat, you can feel the fire as if it was grilled on a grill pan.

Iron Core, thin and light cookware by combining different types of iron.

There is another advantage that comes from placing iron inside the clad. It replaces the heavy and thick 430 stainless steel, which has been mainly used as for induction type ranges and made the clad thin and light.

Magnetic metal cookware must be used for IH (Induction Heating) type ranges, and this is why 430 stainless steel containing carbon generally used when manufacturing a pan. However, the weight and thickness of the Iron Core could be minimized by combining magnetic all-ferrite iron into the clad. This is an all-purpose cookware that shows the best performance on induction and can be used on all types of range at the same time.

Thermally engineered cookware, ‘Iron Core’

This new material with excellent thermal conductivity is part of ‘Thermal Engineering Design’. Iron Core made by thermal engineering has excellent heat preservation rate. Unlike other pans, heat is distributed evenly to the entire pan during preheating, and even after lowering the power of heat, the entire pan retains heat for a long time. You can fully cook the inside of the food with low heat.

In addition, the high-strength 7th generation ceramic coating on the outer surface of the pan also enhances the heat resistance of the Iron Core. Iron Core’s diagonal shape and open edges are intended to minimize thermal deformation and prevent the distortion. Iron Core is offered in three sizes: 9.5 inch, 10.2 inch, and 11 inch, for best use with various types of cuisine. For steaks and barbecues, 11.25 inches, for spaghetti and stews, 10.2 inches, and for fried eggs, 9.5 inches. If you manage the pan properly you can use the pan forever.

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